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Drum Chipper 1150 Hp power: great productivity and movement’s agility

Drum chipper mod. PTH 1400/1000 delivered to the company “La Boschiva Sas dei F.lli Bitonti” placed in San Giovanni in Fiore (Italy).

Driven by a 27 liters CATERPILLAR motor that delivers a maximum power of 1150 Hp, it guarantees high productivity that exceeds 300 m3/h.


The drum, with a diameter of 1000 mm and a width of 1400 mm, is “staggered section type” in order to distribute the machine’s effort equally, reducing vibrations, noise and consumption. The Pezzolato’s cutting system allows to obtain excellent quality of chips from any type of wood.


The feeding chain, positioned laterally, makes it compact and suitable for working in restricted spaces. The feeding roller’s total lifting allows to have a maximum inlet passage of 1400 x 1100 mm.

Machine in action:

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