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TM1200 & TB 900: High performance with big diameter logs


Cut group TM 1200 with chain system, for any type of logs and diameters up to 1200 mm

Logs feeding tube (thickness 30 mm) for logs up to 6 meters long and rear pusher 



Cut-off chain horizontally sliding with vertical movement on chromed bars with hydraulic cylinder and proportional control according to the log’s diameter

Elevated platform for the control panel and photocells for the measuring of the log length and for the automatic cut



Vertical automatic splitting station TB 900 to process any type of log with diameters between 300 and 900 mm

Automatic feeding control for the adjustment of the log dimensions



Electric drive with electric motor 22 kW

Splitting force 40 Ton



Cleaning rollers for the separation from bark and sawdust 




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