Pezzolato drum chippers can be supplied with two different blades.


Standard blade

It is the standard blade, that has always been mounted on Pezzolato chippers up to now:

  • Different cutting lengths are possible
  • Quicker replacement
  • 15/20 Sharpening allowed
  • Applicable on special drum for the production of big size chips



Quick & Smart blade

The “Quick&Smart” blade is revolutionizing the chipping world; it is the result of Pezzolato research and development program and was realised thanks to the end-users experience.

  • Revolutionary mounting system with conical locking blade: it allows quick replacement, fixing and adjustment without equal
  • Blade and its sharpening costs are 30% cheaper than with traditional blade
  • Handy size and lightweight
  • 2 Sharpening allowed
  • No traditional fixing elements (such as press blades, prisoners, nuts) are needed. This sets to zero replacement costs