The “black box” control unit is an optional device that is installed on PEZZOLATO wood chippers at the express request of the customer. It is composed of a device that acquires the characteristic parameters of the chipper and the motor from which it is activated and associates it with the position detected by GPS, and a second device that sends these parameters, recorded on site, to the server of the operations center. The main data that can be acquired are:

  • Date, time and place where the chipper is located (location via GPS);
  • Fuel consumption
  • Hours of operation and hours of machine stop
  • All the fundamental data for monitoring the correct functioning of the engine (level, temperature and pressure of the engine oil and coolant, fuel temperature, working hours)
  • All the fundamental data for monitoring the correct operation of the chipper (temperature and oil pressure, revolutions of the drum, belt and recovery augers; partial counter of the hours of the knives, counter-knives and fan blades)