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Stationary chipping plant delivered in Slovenia

In recent days, an interesting stationary chipping plant was delivered in Slovenia to BIOMASA d.o.o.

The chipper has a feeding inlet similar to the one of a forestry machine, but a fixed one and it’s driven by electric motor 250 kW power.

The feeding can take place either with the help of a loader with gripper thanks to the long catenary (5 meters) placed along the whole hopper in case of processing logs, or with the help of a mechanical shovel thanks to the capacious vibrating table (4 x 5 m) when working mixed material. In this case, the vibrating table transfers the mixed material to the vibrating channel (7 m long) which compacts it before it arrives at the drum, thus avoiding wood obstructions and allowing automatic feeding.

Furthermore, the vibrating channel has been combined with a “metal detector” that detects the presence of iron before the material reaches the drum, thus reducing the risk of accidents and damages





The drum, with a diameter and width of 1000 mm and an easily interchangeable single / double cut system, allows you to obtain two different types of wood chips depending on your needs.


Cutting length 40 mm – with 4 knifes single-cut system  



Cutting length 25 mm – with 8 knifes double-cut system


The ejection of the wood chips takes place by means of a palette discharge conveyor capable of unloading the wood chips at a height of 5 meters and transferring it to subsequent processing.

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