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PTT 2000/1200: plant roots become an efficient energy resource

The new PTT 2000/1200 by Pezzolato is the ideal solution for the grinding and the disposal of roots, dirty wood and all wood waste which cannot be worked by means of normal knives and blades.

The machine is equipped with a slow-rotation drum (approx. 30 rotations/min.) with 22 fixed helicoid teeth in hard metal; it is driven by the PTO of the tractor and mounted on a tandem trailer homologated for the towing at slow speed.


The material, once grinded, falls down on a sieve composed by 13 toothed rollers with a width of 900 mm; this system allows to leave on the ground the stones, the dirt and the sand present in the roots. On demand, the machine can be equipped with a discharge belt positioned under the toothed rollers to remove the scraps, thus permitting the working without displacement.


The discharge belt, hydraulically foldable to be transported, collects the grinded and sieved material and can evacuate until 4.5 meters of height.


The fitting on a trailer and the drive by the tractor PTO make the PTT 2000/1200 the ideal agricultural machine for the third-party operator, reducing the transport costs of the roots from the operating site to the service area and obtaining in just one single passage quality performing material suitable for large biomass power plants.

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