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The plant was designed with the aim of producing large quantities of firewood, processing logs with variable lengths (up to a maximum of 6 meters) and inhomogeneous diameters, and then stacking it on pallets and in bulk to supply the retailers located on the French territory.

The plant is structured with the following sections:

  • Log loader with 30 tons capacity, 4 chains, 10 meters length and separator
  • TLA 18 cutting unit, equipped with 1800 mm diameter disc and 75 kW motor, to process large bundles of mixed material or single logs with variable diameters (up to a maximum of 710 mm) with electronic control of the cutting operations in automatic
  • Shifter, managed by the operator on the cutting unit, which transfers the cut logs to the independent splitting stations
  • 27 tons 4 columns Independent splitting station with laser device for measuring the diameter of the cut log and for centering the splitting grid automatically
  • 40 ton Independent automatic splitting station TB 900 to work diameters up to 900 mm
  • Cleaning section of processed logs with cleaning rollers that receive all the processed material from the wood splitters (to give flexibility to the system, a cleaning rollers by-pass has been set up in the kindling logs production cycle)
  • Feeding conveyor for pallet stacking stations with vibrating hopper for firewood logs recirculation
  • Sloped and suspended conveyors for the transfer/ storage of the processed wood


Plant video:

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