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Pezzolato solution for small/large diameter full length tree processing is on its way to Georgia , USA

Pezzolato engineering were challenged with the requirement to handle full length logs up to 70 (21 m) feet in length and diameters ranging from 4 (10 cm) inches to 28 inches (70 cm) in diameter.

These logs would be primarily hardwood logs and including several of the more difficult species found in North America to process such as large Live Oak, Gum and several local species of typical hardwoods. All of these challenges were to be met with a maximum amount of automation and a minimum amount of manpower.


The system the client will receive will handle logs up to 70 feet (21 m) long and dissect it into shorter lengths , processing firewood in accurate lengths in triangular and square profile,




transfer these pieces to transfer tables and through a series of cleaning rollers and a tumbler for loading into the clients kiln baskets . All this being completed with a minimum of manpower. 


Full commissioning of this system will be completed by Pezzolato trained technicians and customer training will be completed on site by Pezzolato staff.

The state of the art Pezzolato designed and constructed  system , is on its way , to be installed in Georgia early in May 2019.

Watch for a follow up of the system in action in May.

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