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Following the news published on April 10th, here is the video, directly from the United States, of the complete equipment operating.


Designed according to the customer’s needs: producing firewood industrially and semi-automatically from hard wood with variable diameters 10 ÷ 70 cm (from 4 to 28 inches) and with lengths up to 21 m (69 feet). 

The equipment presents 5 main units and the performance is more than 200 cubic meters (56 bulk cords)/shift  with only three operators:

1) Logs loading system and measure sectioning according to cut group;


2) Cut group TLA 18;



3) Horizontal splitting stations with manual introduction;

4) Automatic vertical splitting station TB 900 (for bigger wood blocks);

5) Cleaning system for the processed logs and evacuation of the final product.


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