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Firewood processing with mixed and non-homogeneous material

High capacity equipment for firewood production delivered to Mont Ventoux – France


  • Studied to process logs with variable lengths (from 1 to 4 m) and non-homogeneous diameters



  • Cut group TLA 13 equipped with disc diameter 1300 mm to process great bundles of mixed material or single logs with variable diameters up to a maximum of 510 mm
  • Electric motor 45 kW



  • Liftable pusher which allows the continuous feeding of the feeding conveyor also during the cut phase, speeding the working cycle up and increasing the equipment production capacity
  • High capacity accumulation conveyor, solid electro-welded frame with closed chain composed by high resistance metallic link: it transfers the cut logs towards the two independent splitting stations



  • Two independent splitting stations: one with push force 27 Tons and the other one 32 Tons
  • Automatic grid centering by laser device which measures the log diameter



  • 32 ton splitting station equipped with a two-sector vertical development grid: the first one fixed with 2+4+6 folds and the second one with 16 folds, removable for maintenance operations and interchangeable
  • Evacuation vibrating channel and cleaning rollers for the cleaning of the processed logs from bark and sawdust


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