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The Pezzolato PG 200 “turnkey” system was installed in an industrial area near the premises of a company that sells wood.


The technical solutions, studied and realized by Pezzolato in close collaboration with the customer’s technicians, allow the plant to be complementary to the company’s main activity, ie the thermal energy produced by the cogeneration plant is used for the drying of the commercialized timber.

The complete plant is able to produce 196 kW/h electricity from wood biomass and consists of:

– an accumulation area and an underground reinforced concrete tank inside which the lorries can directly discharge the wet wood chips

a Pezzolato wood chip drying and sieving system EPG200 model, which prepares the wood chips bringing it to the right degree of humidity and to the right size, being essential for the continuous and reliable operation of the cogeneration plant


– 4 gasifiers and 4 Spanner Re2 cogenerators equipped with the new aspirated 8-liter motor


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