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Pezzolato machines: to be sure of the right choice

N. 4 production lines, but a sole target: real quality to serve sustainable energy production.

Redline: it is the first line created by Pezzolato since 1976 and deals with the processing of the firewood. Pezzolato begins by producing “swan neck band saws”, either for private use and for little sub-contractors. At the same time, Pezzolato develops and delivers oleo dynamic log-splitting machines (first company in Italy and among the first ones in Europe).Since the very beginning, the good performances of the products have been favouring the great diffusion of the brand Pezzolato.During the ‘80s, Pezzolato adopts the disc-cut technology: a system which allows an easier usage and maintenance of the machine, thus permitting to increase the sales of complete high –production units, always assuring the maximum of safety. Since 2000, Pezzolato designs, produces and delivers big dimension and fully- automated equipments.


Greenline: It is the line especially dealing with the construction of machines and equipments for biomass production, wood grinding aimed at volume reduction, quality chips production and compost preparation.After the second half of the ‘80s, Pezzolato gets into the national and the European market offering disc grinders for gardeners and green areas keepers.Thanks to this first experience, Pezzolato is able to develop the big disc chippers for chips production.Then, at the end of the ‘80s, Pezzolato completes the line introducing drum chippers.

Nowadays, the wide range of drum chippers Pezzolato covers all customers’ requirements, from 80 to 1200 hp. Furthermore, the Greenline includes since the beginning machines for compost preparation, as bio-grinders and hammer shredders, compost turners and screeners.

Plankline: it was born in 1985, as special line for horizontal band sawmills, static and mobile versions, in order to produce boards and beams from wood logs. These solid machines, easily adaptable to customers’ needs, are especially designed for sub-contractors, forest industries, farmers and woodworkers, whose main aim is to cut essences in measures which are not always available on the market, giving in that way a major value to their logs.Moreover, the Plankline includes special machines for the production of little boards for pallets.

Pezzolato Energy: It is the last entry in the company, main result of the R&D department’s advanced technology. Thanks to the great experience gained in 2011 by creating and managing a 1-MW biomass co-generation installation, Pezzolato is now able to offer a little-size modular gasification system (up to 300 kWel), positioned into containers.


Pezzolato's product lines

Greenline, Cippatori a tamburo, trituratori e cippatori a disco, macchine per la produzione del compost (sminuzzatrici a martelli, rivoltatori e vagli)

Disc and drum chippers, shredding machines, grinding machines, turning machines and screeners for compost production

Macchine e impianti per la produzione di legna da ardere, seghe a nastro, spaccalegna

Machines and equipment for firewood preparation

Plankline, Seghe orizzontali, impianti integratiper segheria

Horizontal log saws, integrated sawmill systems, machines and equipment for pallets production

Pezzolato energiaPEZZOLATO ENERGIA

Cogeneration systems based on the wood biomass gasification principle (wood chips) for electricity production (from 50 kWel to 300 kWel) and thermal energy for heating.

Pezzolato: the value-adding technology

All Pezzolato’s machines employ state-of-the-art technologies, result of the long-standing experience gained and of the careful attention always paid to innovation

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