Chips dry and pre-treatment systems

Chips dry and pre-treatment systems

Essential for continual and reliable operation cogeneration systems and pellet production plants.



Following much technological research, Team Pezzolato have designed a new system for storing, drying and preparing wood chips. This system is perfect for feeding the right chips into gasification systems for producing heat and electric energy, systems for production of thermal heat only (woodchip boilers), and systems for pellet production. The PEZZOLATO EPG series pretreatment module is extremely compact and modulable; its dimensions are so small that the module may be containerized and placed outside farm or industrial buildings.High moisture content chips are loaded into the storage tank, which is available in two sizes to best suit customer requirements. During each treatment cycle, the required volume of chips is automatically drawn from the storage tank into the drying area.


Figure 1 - Pezzolato drying module EPG 50

Figure 2 - Pezzolato drying module EPG 100

Figure 3 - Pezzolato drying module EPG 200

The heat for the drying process utilises the excess heat that has already been produced by the gassification process. The before and after moisture content of the chips is determined electronically by a software device within the computer. This allows the minimum input of heat energy necessary for the drying process, maintaining high efficiency.


Figure 4 - Air introduction into the drying area

The dried chips are then augured to the air proof sieve for the separation of dust and fines from the more regular sized chips


Figure 5- Sieving and dried chips selection

Following these processes the ideal chips in terms of moisture content and particle size are then conveyed to feed the co-generation unit, in order to most efficiently create heat and electricity.


Figure 6 - Chips for the feeding of the gasification unit

The remaining dried and sieved particles have been collected in a bagging system, and are perfectly suitable for pellet production or for the feeding of chips heaters for domestic use.


Figure 7 - Fine chips for pellet production or for heaters feeding



Pezzolato offers the following standard containerized models:

Capacity m3 11 22 48
Mass Kg 3000 6000 13000
Chips size   G30 G30 G30
Operation hours ore 24/24 24/24 24/24
Chips humidity at the start % 45 45 45
Thermal kW employed kW 45 90 180
Air drying °C 80 80 80
Chips minimal output (less than 10% humidity) kg/h 50 100 200

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